10 Essential Tips To Optimize Your Blog Posts for Search Engines

March 10, 2023

Blogging is a critical component of any brand’s content marketing strategy because it enables companies to create and share informative, valuable, and engaging content with their target audience. Through blogging, brands can provide essential product education, build trust and establish themselves as thought leaders within their respective industries. By providing consistent and relevant content, brands can also keep their audience informed about industry trends, company news, and upcoming events.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving: How To Repurpose Your Content

December 7, 2021

Good content has a long lifespan. When your digital brand depends on the content to get seen and attract new leads, you need to ensure that your content can stand the test of time and not get buried under more and more content.

Content Promotion Strategies for 2022

September 3, 2021

One of the core reasons why many businesses fail at their content promotion is because their content falls short. It’s unappealing, irrelevant, and misses the mark on what their audience really needs and wants.

The Power of Publishing Evergreen Content

September 3, 2021

If you want your business to get noticed, and attract new visitors without constantly spinning the content wheel, you need to develop an evergreen content strategy. Evergreen content is a powerful tool that can be used as a foundation for traffic growth, audience growth, and increase the authority of your brand and website.  

Benefits and Best Practices of using Google Tag Manager

March 9, 2021

When you are running a business you’ll find yourself wearing many, many different hats, but you’ll find that some things, like coding or developing your website, are just outside of your wheelhouse. You are not alone. No matter what industry you are in, or what you do or sell, you need a place online where your customers can reach you to find out more about your business, or to take action. Not every action may result in a lead or a purchase, and because of this, your business should also be ready and able to track how your visitors are interacting with your website.

Strategies to Optimize Your Google Shopping Feed

October 27, 2020

Selling your products online means making sure you are maximizing every opportunity to get your e-comm shop seen by your potential customers. Google Shopping campaigns allow you to position your shop for increased discoverability, better opportunities for awareness, and also allows you to stay competitive in your pricing to boost your sales conversions.

How to effectively implement a Local SEO strategy

September 11, 2020

For small businesses with a physical location, one of the biggest struggles is how to get more of your prospective customers and clients to know who you are and visit you where you are. With the right strategy in place, local SEO can be the answer to your struggle.

Google Traffic and Rankings – 1Q17 Review

May 1, 2017

If you are a website owner, getting steady growth in site traffic and a top ranking within Google, is something you always strive for. For you to get a higher ranking, a true and genuine approach to content development and site growth is the only way. With this in mind, we are detailing some of the recent updates to the Google search algorithm impacting site rankings. Read below to learn more.

State of Search for 2019 & 2020

August 9, 2019

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is constantly evolving. It has become a science measured by various components given the changing tides of consumer preferences and search engine algorithms. Elements of SEO that worked well in the past have died or simply evolved. Some outdated elements that are still in use have the potential to harm or even kill rankings. Many strategies and tactics have become labeled as short-term trends that are studied and re-evaluated to meet optimal standards.