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Strategies to Optimize Your Google Shopping Feed

October 27, 2020

Selling your products online means making sure you are maximizing every opportunity to get your e-comm shop seen by your potential customers. Google Shopping campaigns allow you to position your shop for increased discoverability, better opportunities for awareness, and also allows you to stay competitive in your pricing to boost your sales conversions.

Social Shop Strategy For Businesses

October 7, 2020

Social media has changed the way people shop online. If you operate an ecommerce business, you should be using Instagram and Facebook shopping to promote and sell your products. With millions of active users, social commerce enhances the customer shopping experience by allowing them to seamlessly, scroll, discover, click, and purchase products right from their favorite platforms.

Using Instagram Reels for Ecommerce Marketing

October 7, 2020

While engagement is the biggest goal for many on Instagram, the platform has really become a thriving driver of product sales, which makes it one of the most important social platforms for eCommerce strategies. “Reels” has been dubbed as Instagram’s answer to TikTok, as many of the app’s key features are also found in the Instagram feature. Much like the TikTok platform, Reels provides a suite of creative tools to let users create engaging, short videos directly on Instagram. Just like Instagram Stories came to dominate Snapchat, the platform is putting all its chips into making Reels your go-to channel for quick-bite video clips.

How to effectively implement a Local SEO strategy

September 11, 2020

For small businesses with a physical location, one of the biggest struggles is how to get more of your prospective customers and clients to know who you are and visit you where you are. With the right strategy in place, local SEO can be the answer to your struggle.

5 Key Metrics to Track When Analyzing Your Digital Marketing

August 28, 2020

Marketers, strategists, and advertisers everywhere could spend hours planning and executing campaign after campaign for brands, but without tracking viable data, no scale, budget or level of promotion could be considered “successful” to a business owner. While the graphs and charts are the least appealing part of the job, they are the most essential. Whether you love it or hate it, the answers to any new or ongoing campaign lie within the data.

Getting Started with eCommerce Marketing Automation

August 28, 2020

Engaging prospects, leads, and customers is critical to digital marketing success, especially when you own an online store. The bread and butter of many online marketing strategies is executing campaigns that attract and convert prospects. Marketing automation provides marketers and business owners with the ability to send out more personal, timely, and relevant content to those individuals who matter most. With the power of marketing automation, eCommerce owners are able to enhance their customer experience. They are also able to develop deeper, more impactful relationships with customers while driving positive sentiment and revenue.

Using Content Collaborators to Boost Your Brand’s Online Image

July 27, 2020

Content Creators and Influencers have set the tone for how users consume content through online mediums. Any brand looking to position itself as a credible source that drives traffic and engagement online needs to understand that creating high-quality, stand out content is critical to online marketing success.

Best Practices for Developing a Winning Email Strategy with Klaviyo

June 26, 2020

If you own or plan to launch an eCommerce brand and you aren’t fully utilizing email marketing, you’re missing out on a wealth of opportunities to maximize your reach and awareness, not to mention your sales. Having a properly managed, optimized email marketing campaign running each month pays off big time for your bottom line. This is why we can’t say this enough: “email should be your most prioritized marketing channel“.

Embracing Online Marketing For Business Continuity

June 24, 2020

Making digital marketing a primary focus to drive revenue and traffic to your retail space is by no means a new concept for offline brands, but the on-going pandemic has only amplified online marketing as a mandatory initiative for the survival, and growth of many brick and mortar businesses. What we are seeing now is that it is more important than ever that companies treat their online channels and touchpoints as a priority and not a luxury.

Email Subject Line Best Practices

August 29, 2019

Ever wonder how to get email recipients to open your emails? It’s simple – original, catchy, and well-crafted subject lines. According to Optinmonster, 47% of emails sent are opened and 69% of emails are marked as spam by recipients based on the subject line alone. Gain subscribers with quality content to ensure better open rates, conversions, and inbox placement. Help email recipients grasp your brand and business with these effective strategies determined by Idealgrowth.