4 Ways To Grow Your SMS List For Your Ecommerce Business

Ready to take the leap and grow your lists with text message marketing? If you’re looking to expand the way you capture leads and generate new revenue for your business, it’s time to look into pairing SMS marketing with your current email marketing efforts. Growing your email and text lists are great ways to scale your business, especially as an ecommerce brand. Investing in SMS marketing is one of the most effective ways to build personal connections with your customers, create an intimate line of communication with new leads, create long-lasting and loyal relationships with your customers and grow your revenue in an owned channel. Text messages can be very effective in enticing your audience to take action. This goes beyond just selling, but can be used for purchase confirmations, customer feedback, order reminders, subscription upgrades, product upsells, rewards, giveback awareness, seasonal reminders, providing information, and more. The key is to keep your list growing at a healthy rate, and with a robust number of users to see real value. Here are a few of our top tips for using your current digital touchpoints to grow your SMS list.

Optimize your pop-ups

Using an opt-in pop-up is a quick and effective way to grow your text message marketing list quickly by grabbing site visitors’ attention and inviting them to subscribe. You should already be collecting email addresses as new visitors land on your site for the first time. If you are currently using a pop-up to capture information, update the form to include an SMS phone number field. When asking users for their phone numbers be sure to include language that clearly communicates your SMS terms. You want to be sure that users understand the consent language. You should also include links to your terms of service and privacy policy. Also remember that if you are encouraging visitors to provide their information, you should offer something enticing in return.

Convert your email subscribers

Those who are already subscribed to your email list have expressed an interest in your business and look forward to hearing from you. Give these subscribers another way to keep in touch with you and to be the first to know about updates from your business. Send a dedicated email broadcast to your list, or add an email promoting your SMS list to your welcome sequence. Since these people are already on one list, you want to be sure to outline the value of joining your text list too. Let your subscribers know that your list is an exclusive, and more direct way of keeping in contact with your business. By joining this intimate list they’ll be the first to know about deals, launches, and get early access to new products, sales, and more. As an added bonus, a one-time discount is also helpful to move existing subscribers to a new list.

Take it to social

Your current audience on your social media channels should also be encouraged to join your SMS list. Every follower you have, and every account your post will reach is a potential subscriber. Social media creates an easily accessible network of users that, if tapped into, could instantly boost your SMS lists. Use your content in a frequent and creative way to get people aware of your list and excited to sign up. Your published content should not only promote your list, but use CTAs that drive traffic to a landing page in your bio that includes your SMS pop-up, or text code. Use your stories, posts, and even ads to promote your text keyword and also to tell your audience about the benefits of being a part of your list, what you’ll send them, and how often you’ll send messages to them. Many times users become deterred from joining these lists because they are bombarded with constant communications from brands.

Capture SMS consent at checkout

Making a purchase should never be the end of your relationship with a customer. You want them to stay in contact with your business post-purchase to increase the chances of them returning for another purchase in the future. Shopify recently enabled SMS consent at checkout for all stores (not just Plus), but even if you aren’t on Shopify, find out of this an option, and then activate as soon as possible. Collecting phone numbers from your active customers should be a top priority, after all, these are the people who want to hear from your brand the most. Capturing SMS consent at checkout is also one of the easiest ways to grow your subscribers compliantly. After checking out customers can immediately begin receiving messages from your brand about their purchase, shipping, tracking, post-purchase review, and all other campaigns you plan to include.

Form new relationships, strengthen customer relations, build loyalty and connect with your audience in a personalized manner all through SMS messaging. Your customers will love the convenience and being in the inner circle, and your business will reap the rewards.

If you want to start growing your list, Idealgrowth is here to help. For more tips and strategies on how to begin growing your SMS list, send us a message to get started.