The Power of Publishing Evergreen Content

If you want your business to get noticed, and attract new visitors without constantly spinning the content wheel, you need to develop an evergreen content strategy. Evergreen content is a powerful tool that can be used as a foundation for traffic growth, audience growth, and increase the authority of your brand and website.

Marketing your business online means that your content is key. In order to leverage the full potential of what your content can do for your business’ growth, you will need to focus on publishing and promoting content that retains its value over the long term. Evergreen landing pages, blog posts, social and email messages serve as timeless content for any company, in any industry. With valuable, engaging content, you are not only positioning your brand for higher SEO success through ranking and authority, but you are positioning your brand as a trusted thought leader, and go-to resource in your respective industry. Evergreen content allows you to tap into long-term gains and growth for your business.

What is evergreen content?

Just like the evergreen tree that keeps its leaves without shedding, evergreen content stays fresh and relevant without losing value as time passes. Because the subject matter stays relevant to the reader, evergreen content accumulates more and consistent organic traffic over time. The longer it’s published, the more site traction it pulls, and the higher the ROI. This also saves your business time, and resources without constantly needing to update the content on-site.

When you create evergreen content, you are serving both your intended audience as well as the search engine gods by providing valuable resources for those who are searching for relevant answers. Evergreen content provides more value to the reader, and as a result, the content is more likely to be shared, seen, and linked to, resulting in improved page and domain authority. By focusing on an article, case study, infographic, or video that stands the test of time, you can positively influence search engine ranking, traffic, and lead generation.

Types of evergreen content

When creating new content for your business, you will find yourself with a mix of both evergreen and non-evergreen content. Non-evergreen content is anything that is current, trending, seasonal, or subject to change in relevancy over time. This includes:

– Current events in the news cycle

– Seasonal or holiday topics

– Celebrity news or gossip

– Pop-culture trends

– Economic trends

Any form of content or topic that will generally have a short lifespan before people move on.

Some ideas of evergreen content that work for any business or industry include:

– Videos

– How-to guides

– FAQ boards

– User guides and tutorials

– Customer testimonials

– Listicles

– Checklists

– Glossaries

– Case Studies.

If you are developing content and aren’t sure of the potential longevity of that piece of content, ask yourself a few simple questions before you publish.

> Is this relevant to the audience I want to attract?

> Will this be useful a year from now?

> Is it providing a solution that people in my niche have?

> Is this information educational or entertaining?

> Can this content be repurposed in the future?

If your answer is yes, then you’ve got some great evergreen content to publish and promote on your website and channels.

Why you need evergreen content in your marketing mix

While both evergreen and topical content play a crucial role in your marketing strategy, evergreen content stays relevant for the long haul. This makes evergreen content a rewarding and worthwhile marketing investment and strategic addition to your business.

Creating in-depth, relevant, educational resources have a much higher chance of creating backlinks from other sites, and platforms where your content is being shared. This distinction increases your likelihood of being linked to other sites, blog articles, and social posts. Not only is creating evergreen content great for organic traffic, publishing robust resources for your target audience is also a great way to build trust, authority and position your brand as an industry thought leader.

The benefits of evergreen content

The most obvious benefit of evergreen content is that it is a supreme organic driver of traffic. Whether it’s through higher search ranking, increased ownership of keywords, email clicks, or social shares, content that is designed to be evergreen generates a consistent stream of traffic back to your website over time. Evergreen content also stands out in analytics or site traffic metrics. They are the posts that consistently bring visitors and conversions to your site month after month.

Another great benefit is that you can distribute and repurpose your evergreen content forever. This content never loses its relevance, so you can update it as needed and keep sharing it because you know your audience and prospective consumers will continue to find value in each piece of content published. This will streamline your content production and marketing times because you aren’t constantly pressured to produce new posts. Sharing fleeting pieces can only be done so many times before you and your audience begin to get tired. With evergreen content, your customers keep finding new value.

Evergreen content for SEO

Taking the time to research and craft great evergreen content can make a huge difference to your SEO performance. By creating content that answers your audience’s most searched questions, providing key insights, and targeting niche areas, you will ensure it’s valuable to readers, which sends the right signals to search engines, and boosts your website’s authority.

Evergreen content that is relevant and shareable also has a great influence on backlinks to your website. Backlinks function as a vote of confidence for search engines. When Google or another search engine wants to know if a piece of content is valuable, its bots will look for links from other authoritative sources. These posts are super beneficial to your SEO strategy as they not only drive traffic, they also gain links consistently over time.

While evergreen content is low maintenance, and relevant in subject matter, you don’t want to make the mistake of simply writing your content, publishing it, and forgetting. To keep your spot in the SERPs you want to revisit and update your content regularly. This could mean adding more recent data or even updating the images used in the articles. This keeps it relevant for as long as possible, attracting more traffic, encouraging more backlinks, and adding page authority.”

All businesses can benefit from creating quality evergreen content, regardless of their size, budget, industry, or marketing goals. Evergreen content is great for driving targeted traffic to your website, generating leads, building trust, building awareness, and converting prospects to customers. Focus on crafting unique, valuable content that stands the test of time instead of creating content just for the sake of it – even if the content is longer, more complex, or requires more research. In the end, the investment will help you generate more positive results than any “regular” piece of content: more traffic, more visitors, and better SEO. All that will help you see hockey stick-like growth in your business.