Best Practices for Developing a Winning Email Strategy with Klaviyo

If you own or plan to launch an eCommerce brand and you aren’t fully utilizing email marketing, you’re missing out on a wealth of opportunities to maximize your reach and awareness, not to mention your sales. Having a properly managed, optimized email marketing campaign running each month pays off big time for your bottom line. This is why we can’t say this enough: “email should be your most prioritized marketing channel”. If you are getting clicks to your website, or interactions with your social channels but not getting those users to convert, you’re leaving money on the table. You must capture emails with the goal of nurturing those prospects until they become customers.

When someone provides you with an email address, they’re ready to enter the interest and possibly the consideration stage of the journey. Your job here is to build “like, know, trust’, by nurturing these users. Nurturing your leads is an important step in optimizing your campaigns for more purchase conversions. Especially for eCommerce brands looking to grow and scale. Optimizing your email flows help you better understand and engage with your lead data, and also helps you increase your revenue numbers.

On average, only about 3% of your traffic will make a purchase. Automated email campaigns keep your business connected to and in the minds of the other 97% of users who are now familiar with your brand, but require a little more education and communication to make informed buying decisions. Automating this system means that you spend more time engaging with prospects without wasting your resource writing emails and setting up new campaigns.

Automations also allow your business to reach customers where they are in the customer journey and personalize their experience throughout the customer’s lifecycle. The obstacle that brands who are new to email marketing run into is knowing how to integrate email with their e-commerce platforms to seamlessly import and export customer data, while also running optimized email campaigns. Klaviyo is here to answer the call.

Klaviyo is built for eCommerce at its core. With Klaviyo, you can follow up with new leads and customers at the right time, during the right stage of their journey. From integrating customer segments into your other marketing channels, to providing fulfillment and customer service support, and even loyalty program data, you can manage the most important pieces of the puzzle, all in one place.

The Klaviyo email and data management platform is user-friendly, flexible, intuitive, and always improving. Let’s dive into a few of the best practices when using Klaviyo as your email automation tool of choice:

Set up flows to launch communications according to your active campaigns

While you may have heard of drip campaigns or marketing automation, Klaviyo puts their personal stamp on this feature with flows. Flows allow you to set up communications according to your brand needs, product strategy, or customer purchasing habits. While you may not need to launch all of these right away, you can edit and optimize your flows to see optimal action from your email automation campaigns.

Personalize your emails

Personalizing your communications is a way to connect with your subscribers when sending targeted and relevant messages. Individualizing each message shows your subscribers that you are paying attention to who they are and what they care about the most. Users feel more “in touch” with your business and like they matter to your brand. Personalization also helps increase the open rates of your emails when used in the subject lines. Calling on your leads by name, and following up with relevant messaging that speaks to their needs and interests, and delivers a powerful call to action will produce high returns for your business.

Test your flows and sequences

Klaviyo allows you to split tests your layout, deliverability, content, and calls to action within your emails. A/B testing of your campaigns and flows should be a constant standard operating procedure in your email marketing strategy. By testing variations of your messages, you will develop a better understanding of what drives more of your audience to click through to your landing pages. Ensure you’re testing your campaigns and flows regularly to see what yields better results.

Segment your customer’s according to their triggers

With Klaviyo, not only can you import existing lists, but you can also add customers to specific lists when they provide an email during a touchpoint, or at opt into marketing at checkout. You should segment your customers based on the touchpoints they’ve entered in, and Klaviyo gives you a variety of data points to use. You can segment your audiences according to:

  • Geographic locations (or target based performance campaigns)
  • Product history and recommendations
  • Purchase amounts
  • Specific purchases
  • Site product page viewing

Additional best practice tips include:

  • Set campaigns and flows for abandoned cart emails
  • A/B test subject lines and headlines
  • A/B test email designs (text vs images)
  • A/B test the calls-to-actions
  • Sending emails based on user’s location
  • Ask for and include product reviews and UGC in your emails

Klaviyo integrates with most e-commerce platforms, the most popular integration being Shopify. There’s also integration with platforms like Facebook, which allows you to effortlessly turn your lists and even your audience segments into custom audiences for optimized advertising campaigns. In addition to Facebook, there are integrations with sales channels like Amazon, or loyalty programs, customer service, and fulfillment apps.  With some many integration capabilities, Klaviyo becomes an extremely powerful hub to help you build marketing and customer strategies in one central place.

Email is the ultimate low-hanging fruit. For e-commerce brands, email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to build trust, credibility, and most importantly, revenue from new and existing customers.

If this sounds exciting, but also a little overwhelming, you may need to call in a Klaviyo knowable agency for some support. You can sign up below to our email list, or give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer all of your Klaviyo, or general email marketing questions!