Embracing Online Marketing For Business Continuity

Making digital marketing a primary focus to drive revenue and traffic to your retail space is by no means a new concept for offline brands, but the on-going pandemic has only amplified online marketing as a mandatory initiative for the survival, and growth of many brick and mortar businesses. What we are seeing now is that it is more important than ever that companies treat their online channels and touchpoints as a priority and not a luxury.

The current conditions caused by the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic have placed severe restrictions on traditional business activity. Brands that once saw e-commerce and brick and mortar being two separate avenues, must now find a way to align their sales and marketing strategies so that business remains fully operational and work towards the same goal; generating revenue.

The pandemic has shaped the shopping and buying habits of many consumers. In the food and restaurant industry, people are opting for delivery, takeout, and curbside. In the retail space, people are opting to shop for clothing, jewelry, etc, through the web, email, and social channels and get items delivered through a seamless checkout process. From daily necessities to big-ticket items like cars, and even homes, consumers are turning to the internet to meet their needs. So, it’s is essential focus on utilizing online marketing to boost revenue and customer engagement.

A post-COVID world will see consumers gravitating towards a more immersive online experience with retailers that they may have physically frequented in the past, but no longer need to visit in-store as frequently. As people are cautiously pursuing in-store experiences, online activity remains dominant through email, social, and web initiatives.

We’re finding ourselves operating in a “contactless” era. Consumers are seeking limited to no direct contact with others while shopping. No cashiers, no delivery people, no waiters, they simply want to receive their goods in the fastest, and safest way possible, and right now that means touchpoints should remain digital.

Developing a comprehensive online presence allows your business to reposition to scale your offerings instead of scrambling to restructure your model. In addition, making the transition to a digital first business helps you keep up with constantly evolving consumer demand. Perhaps the most compelling reason to shift your model to include a digital presence is that it can be considered a low-risk and high-reward initiative.

Unlike a brick and mortar business that comes with high overhead costs, and other liabilities, creating an online-focused brand means you can take advantage of new technologies, and market standards, and keep your business running without depleting your resources. 

You’re also able to transform your touchpoints in a more impactful manner to generate new customers and support existing customers. This transformation not only includes a full real-time inventory, but also immersive browsing features, personal digital support, and convenient pickup or delivery options.

If people want to continue to push sales during and post a worldwide pandemic, you need to make it easy for your customers to experience your business digitally. The best course of action is to begin tapping into strategies that help you seamlessly move your brick-and-mortar business online.

Our recommendation is to take one step at a time. Focus on creating online systems and touchpoints that are a reflection of your business. Start by ensuring that your website and online channels are easy to find, and customers are able to shop with ease. Then, work to develop and strengthen relationships with new and existing customers through social media and email. Next, use compelling content and paid advertising efforts to drive traffic to your business and maximize your results.

The pandemic has impacted all manner of business worldwide but it has also presented new opportunities and a sense of urgency for brands to build up their digital capabilities. Those prioritizing their digital transformation will be nimbler and better-equipped for success as the world emerges from the impact of a pandemic and settles into a new way of living.

If you’re ready to more deeply integrate digital marketing into your business model, give us a call. We have a fully integrated marketing team to help you build, launch and execute a strategy designed to help your business win online.