How To Use An eCommerce Quiz To Drive Leads & Sales

Surveys, Q&As, polls, and quizzes are a few examples of interactive content that you can use to generate audience engagement, and capture lead data which, in turn, enables you to create personalized content. Whether you want to simply connect with your audience on a deeper level, gain a better understanding of your customer base, or drive more conversions to your product or service. Interactive content is the missing piece of the puzzle. Quizzes work because they take a topic that the audience has an interest in and provides immediate feedback or insight. When someone clicks on a quiz or assessment, with just a few data entries using fun questions, participants get immediate results that they can utilize right away, and brands can find their people while collecting important lead information. 

Quizzes are a great way to transform how people engage with your brand online and also how they get introduced to your product(s). A quiz is content that is less about reading and watching and more about the impact and connection between a brand and a potential customer. It means more when people can do things and interact. They feel more in tune with a brand or product that listens to them or takes the initiative to get to know them based on their interests or pain points. Sometimes that means it’s more enjoyable, sometimes more memorable, and sometimes it starts them on the journey that will influence them to take a greater action – making a sale – later. 

Types of Quizzes 

A quiz is a series of questions that the participant answers. The topic and the questions that get asked can vary greatly depending on what type of quiz gets created. There are several different kinds of quizzes you can create for your audience, like personality quizzes, product recommendation quizzes, trend popularity quizzes, questionnaires that solve a key problem your audience faces, and more. The purpose of the quiz is to provide insight or recommendations based on the participant’s preferences. 

eCommerce quizzes take the concept of the assessment and use the results to match customers to the right products and recommendations. There are a variety of eCommerce quiz brands can use to increase engagement and conversion, from preference matching, gift finders, size finders, style finders, to product matching. Any eCommerce business, no matter the industry, can benefit from an online quiz. This is because the questions you ask customers help you learn more in-depth information about a customer’s needs or interests, which you can then use to introduce your products or retarget them with personalized emails, ads, and more. 

Creating a quiz is not as tedious as it sounds, and can be utilized as evergreen content for your business. That means you can continue using it to drive leads and engagement with little to no updating required to keep the content fresh. To create your quiz, there are several popular online tools that can help you. Tools like Quizzr, LeadQuizzes, and Quiz Maker all offer features that help you set up your quiz or poll and provide personalized answers. So you can get your content launched and incorporated into your quarterly content marketing strategy. 

How Quizzes Benefit Your Business 

Different quizzes serve different purposes and appeal to different audiences. For this reason, you should define your marketing goals and research your target audience before you jump into content creation. Once you’ve gotten your quiz launched and in front of the right audience, there are great benefits for your business. 

Personalize The Customer Experience 

With the right questions, every quiz answer and result will tell you something about your customer. From their age to their favorite color or favorite season, you’re going to receive information that can be used whenever you engage with that customer in the future. For example, if you learn that you have a large group of participants that have dry skin, you can create content that educates those users about treating dry skin and the products you have to help. Start by creating blog posts, or social posts related to dry skin and upsell your products in the post by linking or tagging them in the post. You can also create an email flow, taking those customers through a series of nurturing emails with messaging related to dry skin issues, treatments, products, and more. This type of personalization influences their shopping decision by providing results to established pain points.

Grow Your Prospect Lists Rapidly 

After a participant takes a quiz, ask for their email or phone numbers in exchange for results or incentives. This is a sure fire way to rapidly grow your lists with potential customers. A quiz acts as the ultimate opt-in. You not only get customer information, you get data to customize the experience and lead them down the path to conversion faster. Interactive content can collect more email, SMS and Facebook Messenger opt-ins than typical discounts, downloads or other lead magnets. 

Improve your retargeting

Even without customers sharing their email or phone number, you’re able to use a Facebook Pixel to retarget those visitors who take your quiz with more specific and personalized ads. Using a Pixel, you can set up a retargeting campaign on Facebook or Instagram where those quiz users see paid ads based on their quiz answers and known interests. So, your store can continuously engage with every quiz user, whether it’s through ads, email, Facebook Messenger, or SMS campaigns. 

When to Use Quizzes

Whether your goal is to drive more marketing opt-ins, drive more sales, or build buyer profiles, businesses use quizzes in a variety of ways to reach those goals. Figuring out when to use a quiz can be difficult because it shouldn’t be made in replace of all the other forms of content. You want to incorporate them into your current content schedule and align them with your content goals. You should also use quizzes when you want to create more engagement and/or when you want someone to learn something. Quizzes can not only encourage people to engage with your content, but they can also help increase your brand visibility.

Quiz Best Practices 

To make the most out of your quizzes and get the most engagement and conversions from your content, follow these best practices. 

  • Keep the subject relevant to your brand and customer’s interests. 
  • Keep your tone lighthearted and the questions easy to answer. 
  • Use images or gifs to liven your quiz up and keep your audience entertained
  • Wait until the end to promote or collect information. 
  • Give an incentive to encourage more leads.
  • Only ask for information you’re going to use, otherwise, they might choose to exit before getting their results.
  • Make sure to follow up with those who took the quiz after you’ve gotten their information. Sending them a thank you email (and offer them their results again).
  • Make sure your design is responsive. 
  • Include social sharing buttons.  

The next time you’re thinking about creating a new form of content, consider developing a quiz for your audience. Not only will you be able to open up their minds, but you’ll also be able to increase engagement and generate more leads. Use quiz results to create new content types relevant to your audience that drive engagement.