Using Instagram Reels for Ecommerce Marketing

Instagram “Reels”, the latest addition to the app’s suite of features, has officially rolled out and a lot of business and creator pages are already leveraging the tools as a creative way to attract attention, increase engagement and stand out with users on the platform. While Instagram’s algorithm gets a bad rap for how users see and experience content on the platform,  if you’ve used any of the channel’s other features, personally or professionally, you know that the competition to be seen is stiff.

While engagement is the biggest goal for many on Instagram, the platform has really become a thriving driver of product sales, which makes it one of the most important social platforms for eCommerce strategies. “Reels” has been dubbed as Instagram’s answer to TikTok, as many of the app’s key features are also found in the Instagram feature. Much like the TikTok platform, Reels provides a suite of creative tools to let users create engaging, short videos directly on Instagram. Just like Instagram Stories came to dominate Snapchat, the platform is putting all its chips into making Reels your go-to channel for quick-bite video clips.

Although it’s still a relatively new feature, for eComm owners looking to boost sales and reach, it’s definitely worth learning more about and incorporating into your brand’s content marketing strategy. Especially if you are planning for the holidays.

What’s So Great About Reels?

Reels is a unique way to create videos within Instagram’s app that lets people see your content and share it quickly.‍ Reels offers new editing tools, such as speed controls, new filters, multiple transitions, and AR effects that help you seamlessly edit and publish your video clips.

Not only are Reels easy to use, but you also don’t even need to create new content. You can simply and easily repurpose any video content, including your existing IGTV or IG Stories video, and upload them right to Reels.

Reels offers your brand:

Increased Discoverability

When using tools like music, hashtags, or effects featured in your video, you will notice that your content will appear alongside Reels with similar feature utilization. This makes it easier for you to get discovered by more people and increase your likes and followers at the same time. 

Increased Visibility

Due to Instagram’s push to make Reels the ‘next big thing’, they are prioritizing Reel content by publishing it in the Explore tab, and those with the latest Instagram update will see a dedicated Reels tab next to their home Feed.

Increased Engagement

The more eyes on your content, the more you increase the amount of engagement your posts will receive. This engagement includes likes, comments, saves, and of course shares. Just like TikTok’s “For You” page, Instagram personalizes the videos seen by each user in their ‘Reels’ tab, so your content can appear to users already looking at products similar to yours.

What Should I Create Using Reels?

Reels is a content streaming format that lets users create and share up to 30-second videos. So as an eCommerce brand, you have a commercial-like opportunity to get creative and get your products noticed.

First, take inventory of the rich-media assets you already have. You can repurpose video content found on your website, your blog, your podcast, or even your other social media channels.

You can also tap into influencer marketing, brand ambassadors, or customer-generated videos to really highlight and showcase your products and services.

Here are a few other ways to use Instagram Reels to grow your audience, boost your traffic, and get more purchase conversions on your products.

Educational Content

Educate your audience, especially new followers, on your products, without making it about your products. Educational content will showcase your expertise in your industry and also provide critical information on solutions and features that your product solves, that will influence the buying decision. This content will help move your Reel viewers to check out your website to learn more about your brand and your products.

Product how-tos

Give viewers an exclusive look at the different ways they can use, wear, or enjoy your products. This type of content allows interested consumers to picture the different uses that one product will provide for them, which makes them much more eager to purchase the item and try it for themselves. Product how-tos are also a great way to introduce your brand to new audiences and position your brand as an authority amongst your competitors by providing valuable information.

Show how it solves problems

Many people searching for products to purchase have a use in mind, a need, or problem and they are looking for products that provide solutions or meet specific needs. Use your Reels to highlight how your brand makes people’s lives easier or how it solves a specific pain point you know your target consumer has. For instance, if you sell a health beverage, you could create a Reel on how people experience their stressful or busy day, and then show how their day is better with your beverage.

Product Reviews/Customer Testimonials

Product reviews and testimonials perform exceptionally well, as it shows real people who are providing real feedback on your product. You can use the effects, music, and countdown timer features to create native-looking reviews and testimonials that entertain your followers while providing positive sentiment amongst prospective new customers.

Leveraging this interactive video channel is a great way to level up your visual marketing online and drive more people to purchase your products on your website. With billions of active users on Instagram and hundreds of thousands of daily Reel watchers, you can tell your story and build connections with new visitors so that they want to know more about your brand and your products.

As an eComm brand, Instagram Reels are a creative way to get noticed and attract new shoppers to your online store. It’s important to keep adapting as new features are unveiled so that you stay ahead of the curve and make the most out of your online marketing strategy.

If you’re ready to press “play” on your Reels strategy, or you have questions about how to get started, shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to help you launch a winning ‘Reels’ plan for your online store.